Wednesday 8 April 2009

More on the Getty fragment

David Gill, my colleague from Swansea, has also posted information about the Getty fragment on Looting Matters, along with details of other fragments that seem to have come from the same wall painting. He comments: '[The fragment] will join two other fragments returned to Italy: one from the J. Paul Getty Museum, the other from the Shelby White collection (see my comments from January 2008 with initial reconstruction). A fourth fragment was apparently seized from Giacomo Medici in Geneva. The latest fragment will be returned in May 2009.'
[The arrangement of the fragments has been created by David Gill and is intended to give an impression of the original design. It is not an accurate reconstruction though the fragments are at the same approximate scale. This was originally created in January 2008.]


Francesca Tronchin said...

Thanks for fleshing out this story more, Jo.

I didn't have my copy of The Medici Conspiracy on me last night when I made my post, but I seemed to remember that there was a similar fragment pictured in Medici's infamous Polaroids.

Jo Berry said...

What do you think about David's reconstruction, Francesca (and everyone else!)? The 'new' fragment fits with the upper left one, I think, but I'm not sure the upper right hand piece goes with the other two... (which strike me as quite similar to the fragments found under the Portici Palace stables (!) - see the De Caro museum catalogue for pics). They must have come from a villa, I wonder which one ...

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