Monday 22 August 2011

A ghost in the MANN

According to the newspaper "Il Mattino" there is photo showing the presence of a ghost (a young girl) in the MANN. It seems it was taken with a cell phone by the architect in charge of the works at the museum. Previously some workers had complained about unexplainable events happening in the structure. After that photo, the architect even decided to call some experts, who supposedly will arrive at the museum to test the presence of any phantom in September.
Here is the article with the picture in question.
Later today, on the newspaper, the director of the MANN has denied everything, and has said that the photo was at least one year old and had already been shown to her. Click here for the article.
Hmmm, then I guess it was the young ghost who made collapse the shelf holding the obsidian cups! (for which see this blog entry).
And I bet it was her older cousin who caused the collapse of the Schola Armaturarum!

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