Thursday, 28 June 2012

Herculaneum: a sourcebook

I've just had a lovely visit from Brian Brennan, research associate from Macquarie University, who brought us a copy of his new publication "Herculaneum: a sourcebook". Although there is not much information about the book online, if you teach Vesuvian archaeology or ancient history in some form you may well be interested.
This slim volume brings together a range of sources - text excerpts and images - that help a student to understand the archaeological site better. Given the lack of published material, particularly in English, available on Herculaneum this is a welcome addition to our library!
The contents include:
- pre-Roman Herculaneum
- Roman Herculaneum
- the destruction of Herculaneum
- politics and public life at Herculaneum
- religion at Herculaneum
- leisure at Herculaneum
- commercial life at Herculaneum
- the Villa of the Papyri
- the excavation of Herculaneum
- the conservation of Herculaneum

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