Sunday, 2 December 2012

More 3D

I have also just been looking again at the King's Visualisation Lab after a long gap. There are four Projects that relate directly to Pompeii and nearby. The images seem small by recent standards, but they are certainly worth a look. There are links to some further material and to other Projects of theirs, including Colchester and several aspects of drama.

King's Visualisation Lab

The Roman Villa at Oplontis
The Roman Villa at Boscoreale
The Theatres at Pompeii
Theatricalism of the Roman House Project


Michael Binns said...

I have just noticed that an internal link to the House of Fronto model requires specific browsers, namely Explorer or Firefox! Shame! What about Macs? Chrome? Navigator and Netsurf?


Drew Baker said...

Yay mentioned in dispatches! We here at KCL are still trying to further our development of our work at Pompeii and are (/*shameless plug/*) always happy to collaborate with other institutions working with Pompeiian material (my specific research interest is in VIII.7).

@ Michael – MLF was constructed using 3DS Max and delivered using TurnTool some time ago for a specific solution. To be honest the technology has advanced but your point is well made and there is no point in having the models and research languishing on the shelf, as it were. I will see if I can make some time to get the model into Unity 3D and reloaded.

Best DB

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