Wednesday 28 January 2015

Take this survey and help undergraduate research!


My name is Beth Morris and I'm currently a third year student at the University of Lincoln (UK) studying International Tourism Management.

For my final years dissertation I am studying the theory of dark tourism by looking into visitor motives to the site of Pompeii.

After studying A level classics I fell in love with the ancient world and I have a great interest in Pompeii, hence the reason for my dissertation topic.

In order for me to collect primary research into visitor motives, I have created a survey aimed at people who have visited Pompeii. I was hoping I'd be able to share a link to the survey on the blogging Pompeii site and possibly the Facebook site in order to attract the attention of others who have an interest in Pompeii.

It would be hugely appreciated and I'm very interested in hearing the responses.

Thank you and kind regards,

Beth Morris
International Tourism Management student.

Follow the link below to the survey.

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