Thursday 13 August 2015

New publication: Asmosia X

Recently published: the proceedings of the tenth Asmosia conference on Ancient Stone.

Contributions of interest for those studying the Vesuvian sites:

- Casa del Rilievo di Telefo and opus sectile at Herculaneum, A. Savalli,P. Pesaresi, L. Lazzarini

- Archaeology and archaeometry of the marble sculptures found in the “Villa di Poppea” at Oplontis (Torre Annunziata, Naples),P. Pensabene, F. Antonelli, S. Cancelliere, L. Lazzarini 

- Stone in the decorative programs of Villa A (So-Called Villa Of Poppaea) at Oplontis, J. C. Fant, S. J. Barker

But there are also a lot of papers on other sites of great interest. The index can be downloaded here.


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