Wednesday 2 September 2015

Jackie and Bob are now back in the UK

Jackie and Bob are now back in the UK 

We have returned permanently from Australia and are now living in Norfolk UK.
Being near to Stansted airport will allow us to make regular trips to Italy.
Our first trip will be at the end of September when we hope to be able to photograph the improvements in Pompeii and to also visit some of the villas in Oplontis, Stabia and surroundings. These photographs will be on the web site after we return.

The Jashemski photographs are now all on pompeiiinpictures

We have now finished incorporating 11,500 Jashemski photos onto the web site.
Our thanks to Clopper Almon for thinking of our site and who said that Wilhelmina would be so pleased that Stanley's photos are now available to so many people across the world.

We have also added 900 photographs of houses, shops and workshops courtesy of Nicolas Monteix.
While we lived in Australia, and were unable to visit Pompeii, we were kept supplied with photographs by many enthusiasts, including Michael Binns, Buzz Ferebee, Rick Bauer, Drew Baker and many others. Our thanks to all.

1430 properties in total have been updated on the web site this month.

One last offering of Jashemski photos for comparison.

Sometimes plaster falling from a wall may not be such a bad thing, as otherwise this inscription, which had been covered over in antiquity, would never have been seen.

II.4.10. 1964. Exterior west wall (without showing the graffiti underneath), and entrance doorway

Photo by Stanley A. Jashemski. J64f0971

Source: The Wilhelmina and Stanley A. Jashemski archive in the University of Maryland Library, Special Collections (See collection page) and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License v.4. See Licence and use details.

II.4.10. May 2011.
Exterior west wall on north side of doorway, showing multiple layers of graffiti or painted plaster.
L. Ceium Secundum aed… can be clearly read.
Photo courtesy of Michael Binns.

II.4.10. December 2006. West wall with visible graffiti.

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steph.kelley said...

Great that you will be continuing at Pompeii in person now—I (among many others) benefit weekly from your wonderful website!

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