Friday 25 December 2015

Six Pompeii houses reopened

Six Pompeii houses reopened

On the 24th December 2015 the following houses were reopened.

Fullonica di Stephanus
Regio I, 6, 7

Casa del Criptoportico
Regio I, 6, 2-16

Casa di Paquius Proculus
Regio 1,7,1

Casa del Sacerdos Amandus
Regio 1,7,7

Casa di Fabius Amandio
Regio I, 7, 2-3

Casa dell'Efebo
Regio I 7,10-12.19

See Premier Renzi e Ministro Franceschini il 24 dicembre a Pompei per inaugurare 6 edifici appena restaurati on the Soprintendenza web site

For an update on the Grande Progetto Pompei and work on these 6 houses

You can see these houses as yet still in their previous unrestored state on

Merry Xmas to all from Jackie and Bob

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