Thursday 9 July 2009

Fasti Online

Fasti Online has been mentioned in previous posts, but I think it's worth bringing it up again to make sure everyone knows it exists, and that you all contribute after this year's research.
Fasti Online is a database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000, and is particularly strong on Italian sites.
You can search geographically to find out who is working where, and if you're lucky the project listing will have a link to FOLD&R (Fasti Online Documents & Research). FOLD&R is an on-line peer-reviewed journal containing reports, both preliminary and final, on excavations from 2000 onwards, and one edition focuses specifically on Italy.

Why is this site useful? If everyone contributes this is an extremely useful tool, and anyone working in the Bay of Naples should be encouraged at least to fill in a project summary - and if possible contribute a report to FOLD&R. This way more technical information about research can be shared.

To give some examples, here are those reports on Pompeii made available so far in 2009:

# 159 - J. Clayton Fant, Donato Attanasio. 2009. Bars with marble surfaces at Pompeii: evidence for sub-elite marble use.

# 148 - Lara Anniboletti, Valentina Befani, Paolo Boila. 2009. Progetto "Rileggere Pompei": per una nuova forma urbis della città. Le indagini geofisiche nell'area non scavata e l'urbanizzazione del settore orientale.

# 146 - Steven J.R. Ellis, Gary Devore. The Fourth Season of Excavations at VIII.7.1-15 and the Porta Stabia at Pompeii: preliminary report.

To see the list of 2008 FOLD&R articles see Jo's post.

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