Sunday 4 December 2011

Bibliography - JRA 24, 2011

Articles or reviews about Pompeii, Herculaneum and surroundings in JRA volume 24:
  • A. Wallace-Hadrill, "The monumental centre of Herculaneum: in search of the identities of the public buildings", p. 121-160
  • A. L. C. Emmerson, "Evidence for Junian Latins in the tombs of Pompeii?", p. 161-190
  • S. Gavel "Placing paniskoi herms within Augustan propaganda at Pompeii", p. 191-214
  • M. L. Thomas & J. R. Clarke, "Water features, the atrium, and the coastal setting of Oplontis Villa A at Torre Annunziata", p. 370-381
  • K. T. von Stackelberg, "The life of the kitchen gods: Lares and lararia in Pompeii", p. 613-614 [Review of Federica Giacobello, Larari pompeiani: Iconografia e culto dei Lari in ambito domestico. (Milano: LED, 2008); other review available there].
Complete table of contents available here.

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