Tuesday 20 December 2011

Blogging Pompeii's 3rd Anniversary!

Last Friday it was Blogging Pompeii's third anniversary - but I was in Rome and wasn't able to post about it!

In the three years since we started we've had over 200,000 visitors to the blog. At the moment we're averaging about 300 visitors a day (although this can vary a lot according to the time of the year, the subject matter of posts, and whether there have been any recent collapses ...). In addition, we have 975 followers on Facebook, 1126 followers on Twitter, 180 email subscribers, and 172 subscribers to the RSS feed (using Google Reader).

So let me take the opportunity now to thank all 100 contributors to Blogging Pompeii for helping to create this community! And thank you to all our readers, too!

Merry Christmas to you all!

1 comment:

Eric Poehler said...


None of this would be possible without you and your dedication to keeping it going. I know first hand (sadly, via failure) how much sustained effort it takes to hold an online community like this together with constant posting and communication. I think I speak for many of the contributors to this list and the thousands of visitors in offering heartfelt thanks. Happy birthday BP and thanks Jo.

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