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New on pompeiiinpictures: February 2013

Old photographs of Regions I.1, I.2, I.3, I.5, VI.9.1, Porta Stabia, and the Tombs in front of Porta Stabia have been added from the Tatiana Warscher volumes held in the DAI Rome:-
1936. Codex Topographicus Pompeianus: Regio I.1, I.5, Porta Stabia and Tombs in front of Porta Stabia
1935. Codex Topographicus Pompeianus: Regio I.2.
1935. Codex Topographicus Pompeianus: Regio I.3.
1938. Codex Topographicus Pompeianus: VI.9 Pars Prima.
We would like to thank the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Röm and Dr. Thomas Fröhlich for their kind assistance in making this possible and Michael Binns for his time spent in Rome digitising the books.
      See:      I.1      I.2      I.3      I.5      Porta Stabia      Porta Stabia Tombs

The bakeries and related properties at V.1.14, V.1.15 and V.1.16 and VII.1.36 and VII.1.37 have been updated. Our thanks to Jared Benton for allowing us to use his photographs.
      See      V.1.14      V.1.15      V.1.16      VII.1.36      VII.1.37

Fondo Azzolini Necropolis and Fondo Santilli Necropolis have been added to the tombs. The pages for these are currently very basic and are work in progress, which we hope to update soon. 
      See      Fondo Azzolini Necropolis      Fondo Santilli Necropolis

New categories have been added for Baths, Temples and Villas (which includes the Villa San Marco at Stabiae).
      See      Baths      Temples     Villas      Villa San Marco at Stabiae

The site has new drop down menus that expand automatically to show further links. Long time users will notice the return of the previous, next, up and home buttons in all versions of the site.

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