Friday, 5 April 2013

Anyone been to Pompeii recently or there now?

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has been to Pompeii recently?  My supervisors are taking a group of MA students in a few weeks and we are trying to put together an itinerary!  I was just curious to know what houses/properties are (generally) open daily?  Accessible with special request?  Can you still make reservations for the suburban baths/House of Prince of Naples/Chaste Lovers? All the reservation links are seemingly gone from the new website!  Also, anyone know if there are any closures to main properties due to work (aside from the Vettii which has been closed FOREVER!)!

Any up-to date info would be great as I haven't been there in a while!

All the best,


Jo Berry said...

At the end of January an awful lot was closed and it was difficult to get special permissions. These were all shut: Houses of Menander, Ceii, Vettii, Loreius Tiburtinus, plus the entire area around the Schola Armaturarum which blocks the Via dell'Abbondanza. Only the atrium of the Fullonica of Stephanus could be accessed. And they have a stupid one-way system at the brothel. Only the arena of the amphitheatre could be entered, not the seating.
Open houses/areas included the Garden of the Fugitives, House (not garden) of the Ship Europa, House of Tragic Poet, House of Faun, Stabian and Forum Baths.
There was still plenty to see, but it's frustrating that so much of the really good stuff is closed to the public.

Virginia Campbell said...

I was there two weeks ago and it is still much as Jo said. The House of the Tragic Poet was only open one day of the eight I was there - as was House of P. Casca Longus. (This was on a Sunday - I had the impression that the larger number of people on site that day were why these houses were open.)
There are still sections of the Via dell'Abbondanza blocked off with forced detours, and almost all of the north/south running vicolo are blocked. The seating area of the small theatre is also blocked - you can walk through the orchestra and that's it - but the large theatre is fully accessible.

None of the areas that could be visited by special appointment are currently available.

Yes you can still see tons of stuff, but houses especially seem rather limited.

(As an aside, (female) toilets are limited too... more than half of those available in the restuarant were out of service, leading to unbelievable queues.)

Alia Wallace said...

Thanks Both! I'm sure that we will have tons to see and will have to make due with what is open. Shame that so many places remain closed, particularly those that they have recently reopened (Meander and such).

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