Saturday 1 November 2014

We are sorry to inform you that one of our pompeiinpictures sites, is not operating at present.

The registrar for this web name, who we have been with since July 2007, ceased trading unexpectedly and we have had no contact about what may happen next.

As a result no longer points to our web site and is thus unavailable anywhere in the world at present. We are unable to gain the access needed to change this.

We are seeking a resolution to this matter. It seems to involve chasing people in the USA, Russia and Australia, but strangely not the UK where it was registered.
Unfortunately we do not know how long this may take. Once we get our domain name back it should be a quick return to normal service.

A suggestion.

If you have any bookmarks, links or are using references from a book or elsewhere that refer to the site, then simply 

      change net to org or eu in the web address line 

this will use or instead.

Rest assured all other pompeiiinpictures sites are working normally.

They are all hosted in other places in the world with other suppliers.

Once again our apologies for this problem.


Virginia Campbell said...

Just a note - .net isn't working in the UK either, but .com is fully functional.

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures said...

Thanks Virginia

Thanks for the info. Its nice to get comments. they seem few and far between on Blogging Pompeii these days.

We can now confirm the version of our site is not available anywhere in the world at present.

If we can get our domain name back it should be a quick return to service.

best wishes
Jackie and Bob

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