Friday, 24 April 2015

A comparison from the Jashemski Archive with pompeiiinpictures

I.13.11 Lararium in 2004, 1968 and 1959

This might be our last post for a while. We leave Australia in a few days time and arrive back in the UK on the 6th May. Our computers and reference books will be on ship and in store until we find a house in the UK, somewhere in East Anglia is the plan.
We will still answer pompeiiinpictures emails using our laptop but it may be slower depending on hotel WiFi, and whether we can get access wherever we are at the time.
When we are sorted we hope to see some of you in Pompeii soon.

In the meantime enjoy these three very different looking photos of I.13.11.

Jackie and Bob

I.13.11 Pompeii. December 2004. Lararium niche on west side of garden.
Photo Jackie and Bob Dunn
I.13.11 Pompeii. 1968. Lararium niche on west side of the garden area.
In the background right, is the lararium niche on the west wall of the atrium of I.13.12.
Photo by Stanley A. Jashemski. J68f1997 *
I.13.11 Pompeii. 1959. Lararium and niche on west wall.
This photo was taken just a few years after excavation.
Photo by Stanley A. Jashemski. J59f0514 *

* Source: The Wilhelmina and Stanley A. Jashemski archive in the University of Maryland Library, Special Collections (See collection page) and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License v.4. See Licence and use details.

Click on the pictures to view in higher resolution.

See the more of the house on pompeiiinpictures at I.13.11 on

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