Sunday, 25 October 2015

What's New on pompeiiinpictures in October 2015

What's New on pompeiiinpictures in October 2015

Now we are back in the UK, our house bought, moved into and sorted, our first priority was a quick trip to Italy. As result we have new villas and pictures to add to the site.

The first major new addition is the Villa of Poppea at Oplontis.

See Villa of Poppea on

All 99 rooms in the villa are covered (apart from a couple of inaccessible ones) and a full interactive plan is included.

We have set out the pages of this villa so that you can first go through and see the photographs of the 99 rooms in number sequence.

After this are more Jashemski excavation photographs arranged by year so that you can see the villa as it emerges from the lapilli over the years, and also follow the excavation and casting techniques used.

To make them easier to use we have created fewer pages, with more photos per page, so they may take a little longer to load if you have slower broadband.

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