Thursday, 12 March 2009

New Field School 2009

We're happy to announce the first formal season for a new Field School and research project at Pompeii. Please pass on to any students interested in working at Pompeii. Details here:

July 4 – August 1 2009

Dr Rick Jones, University of Bradford, UK
Prof. dr. Wolfgang Ehrhardt, Universität Freiburg, Germany
Field Director:
Timothy Webb, University of Bradford, UK

The Research Project
We are pleased to announce the first season of a Field School related to a new research project, Social Hierarchy in Pompeii. This will investigate the inter-relations of the wide spectrum of urban society represented in Insula V, 2 at Pompeii. At the centre of the block is the Casa delle Nozze d’Argento, one of the largest and most impressive elite houses in the city, on which Wolfgang Ehrhardt has published the definitive monograph. This project will set that house in the spatial and chronological contexts of its neighbors, which include bars, shops, workshops and medium sized houses. The Field School will follow the same principles successfully established by the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii, which ran from 1995 to 2006, co-directed by Rick Jones.

The 2009 Field School
Joining the 2009 Field School offers the opportunity to join a small team to be a part of the beginning of this project. In succeeding seasons selective excavation will be carried out in Insula V,2. However the 2009 season will be committed to recording and analyzing key properties within the insula and to establishing where it will be possible to excavate. These results will define the strategy followed in future seasons. The 2009 Field School will therefore feature:

· Training in the analytical recording of the Roman standing buildings at Pompeii following stratigraphic principles
· Training in systematic field recording
· Close supervision by our international staff (our planned ratio is 1 member of staff to 3 or 4 students)
· Detailed assessment of skills and performance that can be used for college credit, accredited by the University of Bradford
· Organized visits to important archaeological sites in the Vesuvius region, including Herculaneum and the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

The all-in program fee for 2009 is 3200 euros. This covers all tuition costs and academic credits, equipment, project handbook, campground fees, meals, visits, and project insurance. Students need to pay for their own travel to Pompeii and personal health and travel insurance, and to provide their own tent. This price is expressed in euros, because most of our costs are paid out in euros. Given the volatility of the currency rates in recent months we have fixed the price in euros. We are however very happy to receive payment in other currencies at the rate current when you pay the fees. In February 2009 the US $ equivalent is approximately $4100.

The team will be staying at Camping Spartacus in Pompeii, a few minutes walk from the ancient city. This is a modern fully equipped, family-run campsite. It has a restaurant, bar and shop, as well as laundry facilities.

To apply please send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation to our Field Director Timothy Webb

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will do our best to help. We do believe this is a great opportunity to experience working on the archaeology of Pompeii at first hand, at the start of a new field research project carried out in one of the world’s most famous sites.

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