Monday, 2 March 2009

Vesuvius Online, March round-up

There's an interesting newsletter published on line once a month by this month's edition includes a few finds that passed me by. This is the table of contents:
  • Boscoreale. Ritrovato affresco pompeiano di Villa Regina (Yes, they got the wrong villa!)
  • Colorata l''Amazzone' di Ercolano
  • A Pompei riciclavano i rifiuti (on proposed recycling facilities at Pompeii)
  • L'ultimo 'garum' di Pompeii (recent analyses have shown that approx. 90% of Pompeian garum was made mostly from bogue - a type of sea bream)
  • Un'altra capanna preistorica a Nola
  • Somma Vesuviana, Nuova statue dalla Villa Augustea (incl. brief description of excavations at the villa by the University of Tokyo - looks really interesting)

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