Thursday, 11 June 2009

Favourite places!

Now that we're in excavation season and lots of us will be around in the Naples area, it occurs to me that it might be a good idea to swop information. Not about archaeology or sites (which is what we've been doing since December!), but restaurants, bars and hotels!

Let me start. I was taken out to a fab new restaurant in Pompei on Sunday night. It is called 'I Machiavelli'. The menu was limited, mostly fish, and it was goooood! Here are the details: Via Vittorio Emanuele 15 (a block down from Via Roma, near the central piazza), Pompei; +39 081 8508673,

I also love the bar De Vivo (26 Via Roma, Pompei, 081 8631163), which does the best cornetti I have ever had!

In Naples itself the best pizza I have ever had was at Di Matteo, on Via Tribunali (i.e. Spaccanapoli), just before San Lorenzo - so in between the station and the museum - perfect!

So, where else can you eat, drink and sleep well? Share your experiences!

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