Sunday 26 February 2012

Fasti Online: Via consolare Project - 2011 campaign

From FastiOnline, results of the 2011 campaign of the Via Consolare Project:
In 2011, the Via Consolare Project continued excavation in the southern side of InsulaVII 6, 26 and VII 6, 27 to continue to clarify the nature of the ancient activities identified in previous field seasons and to finalise the sub-surface investigations initiated in 2008. The area of the eastern half of Archaeological Area 001, measuring roughly four by five metres, was reopened and backfill from the 2009 field season was removed. Stratigraphic excavation was then undertaken to the level of natural soils in the majority of this area, bringing subsurface examination in AA001 to a close. As a result, it is now possible to present a complete stratigraphic sequence for the southern rooms of properties 26 and 27, and to connect the associated chronology to the relative development of much of InsulaVII 6.
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