Monday, 8 October 2012

Lecture: AWH - Herculaneum: Forgotten Glories Revived

The Liverpool Classical Association invites you to the 4th annual John Percival Postgate Lecture

Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Master, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and Director of the Herculaneum Conservation Project
will be speaking on

Herculaneum: Forgotten Glories Revived

Sherrington Lecture Theatre 1
Tuesday 11th December
At 5.30 pm

There will be a drinks reception following the lecture

This lecture looks at the way that Herculaneum was first discovered, then had its glory eclipsed by Pompeii, was gradually neglected and forgotten, then experienced a new period of glory in the mid-twentieth century, only to fall again into neglect. The lecture will focus on the struggles of the Herculaneum Conservation Project, under the auspices of the Packard Humanities Institute, to revive Herculaneum again. Appropriately, Liverpool has its own forgotten glory, in the Herculaneum Pottery, revived by Peter Hyland’s book.

NB: to reserve a place at this lecture, please email Tom Harrison on

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