Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Out now: Journal of Roman Archaeology 2013

JRA 2013 is out now and contains the following Pompeii-related material:

M. Flohr The textile economy of Pompeii 53

N. Monteix The apple of discord: fleece-washing in Pompeii’s textile economy. A response to M. Flohr 79
and, as reviews,
S. J. R. Ellis, The shops and workshops of Herculaneum

A. Wallace-Hadrill, Trying to define and identify the Roman "middle classes"

T. A. J. McGinn, Sorting out prostitution in Pompeii: the material remains, terminology and the legal sources

Y. Perrin, L'écrit au quotidien dans le monde romain
For more information, see http://www.journalofromanarch.com/index.html

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