Monday, 2 February 2009

Blogging Herculaneum

I've just been invited to join this blog so I can add some information from Herculaneum, as I work for the Herculaneum Conservation Project. Perhaps in this way we can make up slightly for our permanently "under construction" website - although we always try to answer any and all enquiries to

The biggest news from Herculaneum at the moment is the exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples (but nothing to do with us!) If you haven't had the chance to see it yet, it's on until mid April and well worth it - many of the objects (mainly large bronze and marble sculpture) were dug out of the storerooms and restored for this exhibition.

For those in the area, Herculaneum's site director, Maria Paola Guidobaldi, will be giving a lecture to accompany the exhibition on Thursday 5 February 2009 at 3pm (at the Naples Museum). For more information on this and the rest of the lecture series (all based on Bay of Naples archaeology) see:

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