Friday, 20 February 2009

Pompeii Food & Drink Project 2009

With all of the recent talk on activity at Pompeii minds are beginning to turn towards fieldwork for the upcoming 2009 season! It is without a doubt that we look forward to the sunshine of the Vesuvian region where we can indulge our love of all things Pompeian.

The Pompeii Food & Drink Project will be returning to the site for three weeks from 21 June to 11 July 2009 to continue the non-invasive exploration of structures and features associated with the consumption and production of food and drink in the ancient city. This year's systematic review of evidence will be taking place in Region I, and possibly Region II, and it is hoped that the results will be combined with previous seasons for a preliminary publication to be released in the very near future. A typical day for the project begins just after 8am on-site until approximately 1.30pm, during which time you'll find us among the insulae of Region I, after which we return to our accommodation at the Hotel Villa dei Misteri (nearby the Porta Marina site entrance and Circuvesuviana stop 'Pompei scavi - Villa dei Misteri) for a short break prior to work continuing from approximately 3pm to 7.30pm. In the evenings we enjoy lectures prior to dinner at the hotel and often invite guest-lecturers to join us for use of the pool/dinner.

It would be wonderful once again to meet with other scholars and enthusiasts during this period. Please contact me on email or by mobile (# supplied on request & contactable in Italy) if you would be interested in meeting with us on-site or in the evenings. We look forward to hearing about and seeing your research too!

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