Wednesday, 18 February 2009

DVD: Herculaneum, diari del buio e della luce

Just letting you all know about the documentary "Herculaneum: diaries of the dark and the light" by Italian film maker Marcellino de Baggis, which won the 2008 Capitello d'Oro prize for best archaeological documentary.
The film is loosely structured around Maiuri's campaign at Herculaneum, and includes new footage shot in 2006-07, including closed areas such as the Theatre and the Suburban Baths. But for most researchers its interest will particularly lie in the archive footage from RAI and Istituto Luce.

The production company's website gives information of where to buy it (i.e. a variety of Italian online shops) - but for those in Ercolano, it can be bought in the small bookshop called Decart on Via IV Novembre (the road leading down from the station to site, bookshop is on the left towards the end).

There are English subtitles!

Herculaneum, diari del buio e della luce

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