Monday, 23 February 2009

Tweeting the eruption: comedic interlude

I'm fairly new to the social networking/microblogging phenomenon called Twitter, and am still trying to really figure out an application for it other than informing the world that I had a veggie burger for lunch... There are a number of archaeology-based Twitterers out there, including Adrian Murdoch and RogueClassicism; their posts have directed me to loads of archaeology news and other information.

Failing to find a "serious" use for Twitter myself, I enjoy finding the comedy gems, like the site Historical Tweets that posts faux messages regarding some very real historical events. This one had me with tears of laughter last week: [For those of you not familiar with the shorthand of Twitter, the @ symbol is used before a Twitter user name to send a message directly to that user. All Twitter messages are 140 characters or fewer.]

Another historical tweet captures an ominous conversation between Brutus and Caesar.

[For those of you who are interested in my relatively random use of Twitter, follow me here.]


Sera Baker said...

Thank you for this, Francesca. I really enjoyed laughing at these before settling down to work this morning. And they will be great for student lectures!


Francesca Tronchin said...

My pleasure--glad I'm not the only one easily amused by archaeology humor :)

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