Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New photographs for May on pompeiiinpictures

We have been busy adding photographs from our March trip to Pompeii and have just added the latest batch of new houses to www.pompeiiinpictures.com.

The new houses added in May are:

I.9.1 House of the Beautiful Impluvium
I.9.3 Casa di Successus
I.9.11 Caupona di Amarantus
I.9.12 House of Amarantus
I.9.13/14 Casa di Cerere
1.10.4 House of Menander - Baths kitchen and garden area
I.11.6 House of Venus in the Bikini
II.1.9 Casa del Larario di Ercole
II.1.11/12 Magic Rites Complex
II.2.2 House of Loreius Tiburtinus or D. Octavius Quartio
II.6 Amphitheatre - Upper area added.
III.2.1 Casa di Trebius Valens
III.4.b House of Pinarius Cerealis
III.4.2/3 Casa del Moralista or House of the Moralist
V.1.23/26 House of Caecilius Jucundus
V.5.3 Casa dei Gladiatori or House of the Gladiators
VI.8.20/21 The Fullonica or
The House & Officina Fullonica of L. Veranius Hypsaeus

VI.8.22 House of the Large Fountain
VI.14.20 Casa di Orfeo or House of Orpheus
VIII.4.4 Domus M. Holconi Rufi or House of Holconius Rufus
VIII.4.15 Domus Cornelia or House of Cornelius Rufus
IX.2.21 House linked to bronze ware shop
IX.3.5/24 House of M. Lucretius or Casa delle Suonatrici
IX.3.13 Caupona and dwelling house of Fabius Celer
IX.3.15 House of Philocalus
IX.12.6 House of the Chaste Lovers
IX.12.9 House of the Painters at Work
IX.13.3 House of C. Julius Polybius

The first batch were added in April and a list of these can be accessed at http://pompeiiinpictures.com/pompeiiinpictures/new.htm.

We will be adding more new photographs of houses to the site in June and each month over the next few months as we work our way through the 13,000 pictures we took.

Hope you find these useful.

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures

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