Monday 28 June 2010

PARP:PS is in the field

Members of Blogging Pompeii are invited to visit our new excavations, which began today and will continue until early August (we work Mondays to Fridays). You can find us in insula I.1, at the laboratorio, or at our finds headquarters in the insula of Menander. Our project has undergone some important changes recently, not least of which is the expansion of our excavation and research activities into I.1 from VIII.7. For more information, see our revised website at:

Steven Ellis


Unknown said...

Good luck, Steven. Look forward to the results.

Rick Bauer said...

Hi Dr Ellis,

I will be out at Pompeii again this coming Friday thru Monday (July 2-5).

I would be interested in dropping by and saying hello. Please feel free to send me (via Dr Berry) your local contact info here in Bella Napoli.

All the best,

Rick Bauer

Karen Evans said...

All the best for the expanded dig! I will be in town on 24th July for three weeks and I'll definitely be popping down to catch up. see you soon.

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