Wednesday 16 June 2010

Photos of theatre restoration

Check out the SANP website for description and photos of the finished restorations of Pompeii's large theatre.

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Massimo Betello said...

So, the SANP says that the tufa blocks (or slabs) have been placed on the top of the metal structures which were already in place (set up by Maiuri, according to the press release). Also they have used tessuto not tessuto to separate the new from the old. Replaced old reinforeced concrete with wood beams, used cocciopesto and installed a "charming lighting system". I hope it will work for longer that the one at Villa of Oplontis. Who wants to bet about the shortness of life of the lights?
On the paper, the work seems well done.
But fron the pictures I could see some reconstructions of walls. I hope they have marked the new masonry in an appropriate way.

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