Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pompei Bike again ...

Sarah already posted about the Pompei Bike initiative, but I just found the map of the bike routes on-line. And now I'm wondering how this actually works - for example, are the houses on the map really open (and to all tourists?), and are the pavements divided for bikes and pedestrians or do the bikes have to be left at the different numbered points on the map? Anyone out there care to shed some light for me?!
Here's a English article about the initiative on ANSA.

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Rick Bauer said...

Hi Jo,

They have set up a shed near the Ampitheater Entrance, where bikes can be rented.

Along the prescribed route (which is the existing pathway, along the outer walls, to the picknic area near Nola Gate, etc.), they have set up bike racks at points along the way, along with some new potable water taps.

The special interest areas along the way are all open to the public. The bike route itself is marked with small signs, and is shared with pedestrians. There is no division of the path at this point. But they have improved the wooden railings along the route.

All the best from Naples,


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