Saturday 14 January 2012

pompeiiinpictures: New in January 2012

During 2011 underwent considerable change and some features have changed. We now have a more modern black and white look which shows the pictures better. The "previous", "next", "up" buttons are replaced by extra ribbons of links. is still in the old format, white and blue, with the previous and next buttons.

A new Help page explains the new looks (all site content is the same)

A new Contacts page includes an option to send us pictures via Dropbox.

Insula I.3 has undergone a complete update thanks to new pictures from Drew Baker.

VIII.7.22, VIII.7.23 and VIII.7.24 have been further updated thanks to new photos from Sera Baker.

Fondo Pacifico tombs have been enhanced thanks to photos from Peter Gurney.

200 other updated pages have been updated, thanks to photos from Rick Bauer, which include:

- new cremations and wall inscriptions between the Porta Sarno and the Porta Nola.

- new altar at VI.8.24.

100 more pages have also been updated.

The New page shows everything that has been updated

Keep watching for the new pages of the Villa San Marco: Coming soon.

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures

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