Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Projects in Pompeii

For those who can't get hold of a copy of Current World Archaeology to read the Pompeii article, I thought it might be of interest to provide links to the projects we mention. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the people and institutions working in the Vesuvian sites but may offer a taste of the range of research that is taking place.
I think it's also interesting to note the change from the big projects of the 1990s where the Soprintendenza assigned an insula to a university or foreign academy who studied the standing structures and dug down to the pre-79 levels - instead there is a more heterogenous range of approaches that are perhaps less invasive and making more use of existing material, rather than big excavation campaigns. There are pros and cons to this shift - anyone have any thoughts about this?

Oplontis Project
Apolline Project
Sarno-Becken Project
Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia
Via dell’Abbondanza Project
Herculaneum Conservation Project
Vesuviana Project
Archaeological Superintendency of Naples and Pompeii

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steph.kelley said...

I think it's just amazing what non-invasive technologies can do these days; and isn't it wonderful that more teams are using them to great effect. In my opinion (unbiased, of course!), the gains far outweigh the losses. Thanks as ever for your informative posts, Jo.

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