Monday 17 September 2012

The Roman Villa, the Medieval Church, and the local population

Roccarainola - On Saturday, 15 September the Apolline Project presented the findings of their 2011-12 excavation seasons from the Medieval Church (built with Roman spolia) of Sant'Arcangelo to the general populace of the town at the Museum of Roccarainola.

The conference panel featured the director of the excavation, Nicola De Carlo, the project's ceramic anaylist, Vincenzo Castaldo, in addition to the project's anthropologist, Amanda James. Underlying the presentation was the expressed need for the general populace of Roccarainola to gain a more spirited understanding of their region's history and a valuable perspective into the the lives of their predecessors. Conference participants appreciated an enthusiastic audience as well as a thought provoking question and answer session following the presentation.

Further information on the Roman Villa and the Medieval Church can be found here. An overview of the bone remains is provided here.

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