Monday 23 November 2009

DVD: Herculaneum - diaries of darkness and light

There's a new edition of the documentary "Herculaneum: diaries of darkness and light".

For those who haven't seen it, it is structured around the experiences of archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri who led the major excavation campaign at Herculaneum (1927-61). There is both new footage by film maker Marcellino de Baggis (including areas currently closed to the public) as well as some amazing archive film. The film won the Capitello d'Oro prize for best archaeological documentary.

For those who have seen it, the new edition includes an English soundtrack (or you can watch the original Italian soundtrack with English subtitles - or indeed just watch it in Italian).

The DVD is available to buy online or in the Electa bookshops at Pompeii/Naples area archaeological sites and museums. Or you can buy it directly from the production company Onionskin.

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