Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Epuh field season

The Pompeii Project of the University of Helsinki (a.k.a Expeditio Pompeiana Universitatis Helsingiensis) will be working in Insula IX,3 along the Via Stabiana (next to the Central Baths) 3.-28.5.2010.
Please do come visit us!


Eric Poehler said...

These dates are also published on the events calendar:

Click on the event and a box will appear telling you more about the Epuh, including website.

Other events will also have some information as well.

Laura Nissinen said...

The events calendar is a great idea. Hopefully all other projects remember to publish the dates of field seasons and other events as well!

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures said...

Will pop in and see you one day next week.

Jackie and Bob at pompeiinpictures

Eppu Viitanen said...

Whilst waiting for the taxi to the airport to arrive, just a few words on what we'll be doing this year. You can find us at least for the first two weeks in the shops and workshops opening to Via Stabiana as we'll be working on their documentation. Then we'll move on to the inner parts of the insula and will not be as readily visible. No excavation, though, just buildings archaeology and cleaned up floors.

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures said...

Sorry all. Popped in late this afternoon but obviously left it too late and missed you.

We saw there had been plenty going on in the shops and were intrigued by the combination lock on the gate of IX.3.5 and the stack of folding seats inside.

Sorry we missed you. We are on our way back to Australia on Monday but we will see you next year perhaps.

Have a good season.
Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures

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