Monday 25 October 2010

Look out archaeologists - no more miniskirts in Castellamare

A little break from archaeology...

I was surprised to hear of this story about Castellamare di Stabia on BBC Radio 4 this morning. It's rare for a small town like this to feature on worldwide news, but you'll understand when you hear it's because mini-skirts are likely to be banned and wearing one will become a fine-able offense.

The announcement comes not long after this advert for free entry for women to museums when they are accompanied (story here on MiBAC), which has received a large amount of criticism from women.

In addition to celebrating the Vesuvian area as this blog does, these two events might cause us to remember the contributions of (unaccompanied, perhaps mini-skirt wearing) women to archaeology, as well as those of men, and that these should be equally valued.

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