Wednesday 13 April 2011

Herculaneum event - reporter wanted! Cercasi giornalista!

On 19 April (next Tuesday) the Soprintendenza and the Herculaneum Conservation Project will be holding a joint event to celebrate the re-opening of the Decumanus Maximus (the last of Herculaneum's formerly closed streets to have the barriers removed) and 10 years of the conservation project. I'll be posting more information in the near future when the press release is issued.

I've been asked to find out if any of the contributors to Blogging Pompeii will be in the area on that day and would like to report on the event for the blog? If so, I can add your name to the list of journalists and send you an invitation and press pack. Please let me know if you'd be interested: s.court [at]

If no one volunteers, I'm afraid the blog is going to get my own entirely biased view of things!! :)

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