Tuesday 28 September 2010

Archaeological remains near the Salvator Rosa metro station

Naples is full of wonderful surprises and having recently found a small archaeological site not far from my home, I thought I’d share it given that I can’t find it in any of my guide books.
Works for the Salvator Rosa metro station (which opened in 2001) came across the remains of a Roman viaduct which had been incorporated into a later eighteenth-century building. What you can actually see in the small park outside the station are the remains of seven arches of the viaduct (of which only one has an intact vault) that led up the steep slope to connect to the Vomero hill. The viaduct carried one of the only two roads connecting Neapolis to the Campi Phlegraei area, the road led from San Domenico Maggiore and was known both as the Via Antiniana (or sometimes as Via Puteolis-Neapolim per collis). The modern building seems to have been made up of various spaces including stalls built around a central courtyard, in this phase troughs with niches above them were built into the Roman masonry and can still be seen.

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