Saturday 25 September 2010

Light Alive Show at Herculaneum - 28 Sept

See the MAV website for more details of the "Light Alive Show: 3D virtual mapping" that will take place at Herculaneum archaeological site on Tuesday evening (28th September) as part of the Frontiere 2010 programme.
To coincide with the event the Boat Exhibit will remain open free of charge until 11pm.

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Drew Baker said...

I attended this event last night. It was an interesting and very well attended event (with people standing 3 or more deep against the railings from the bridge to the new ticket office). The show consisted of painterly new media projection onto the scavi rangind from abstract images to moving "lego" bricks all to the sound of avant garde electronic music boardering at time on drum "n" bass.

Overall I was dissapointed, I have seen many new media instalations and this was to be blunt average. That said seeing the scavi lit up and with projections overlaid on it did make me think about the site differently. So it wasn't a total loss. Untimately you get what you pay for.


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