Thursday 16 September 2010

Ghosts in Pompeii, again

The Destination Truth episode about ghosts in Pompeii can now be viewed on YouTube. The presenters retrieve a lava bomb from Vesuvius and place it in the Temple of Isis in order to evoke the spirits of Pompeii. Hilarious!


Laura Nissin said...

Hilarious indeed. Are these people serious? Although I'm a little jealous to these guys being able to explore Pompeii after dark!

Drew Baker said...

As we would say in vernacular English "utter bollox", fun but utter rubbish. If I may quote from our narrator "in a career filled with stupid things this is crazy", I am inclined to agree.

Still saying that I’m open minded so am willing to attempt a repeat of the experiment in the Temple of Isis next week in order to get the low down on what happened in the theatre from "primary sources". If anyone wants’ in on this please send me cold hard cash so that I can hire a helicopter/high tec equipment/Pompeii for a night etc etc with my colleague Dr I. Jones and Mr Lemonchello.

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