Friday 17 September 2010

What do you think of the iPhone Pompeii app?

Umberto Miglione of Nexus srl writes:

'Hi, We'd like to know your opinion about the app Pompeii English for iPhone; I enclose some info and screenshots. (in these days AppStore is approving the version 1.1 with a fix in a couple of movies)'.

I know some of you have already downloaded this app, so here's your chance to give some feedback to its developers! Those of you who haven't seen the app yet can view a selection of the screenshots that Umberto sent below, along with some information about it. If you want to see more screenshots, or find out how to download a copy, email me.

If you are a contributor to BP, please give your feedback as a comment to this post. If you're not a contributor but would still like to give feedback, email your comments to or comment on the Blogging Pompeii Facebook page.

Thank you!
The application is bigger than 430 MB, it is in English (also Videos and Audioguides) and it contains:
1. About 75’ of exclusive FILM on the most important sites (including aerial filming and tours in the houses that are being restored and therefore closed to the public). 

2. A vast PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, with more than 500 photos of the most important houses and monuments, including more than 40 3D reconstructions.

3. Many PAGES OF TEXTS and PICTURES, that describe the most important sites, monuments and houses. From each page you can find your GPS coordinates, and have access to the photographic gallery, the films and the audio guide.

4. Six different ROUTES to take to visit the most fascinating and important corners of the city. The area you will be able to visit in Pompeii is more than 22 hectares, therefore without following a specific route it is impossible to visit the whole site in just one day.

5. Many in-depth explanations of the roman world (with texts, pictures and films) such as:
* The monuments
* The roman house
* The water system
* Working activities
* Nutrition habits
* Entertainments
* Public services
* How to calculate time
* Communications
* Thermal baths
* Religion
* Art styles

6. A section dedicated to the EROTIC POMPEII, including texts, pictures and films of the famous frescoes still preserved in the city and in the Secret Cabinet of the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

7. A list of the main HOTELS and RESTAURANTS (including description, pictures, addressed, phone number, website and email address).

8. A series of useful TOURIST INFORMATION and information regarding how to reach Pompeii and how to visit the archaeological sites. 

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