Thursday 2 September 2010

Blogging Pompeii URL

Here's a curious thing - our URL seems to have changed. It was But now it is I have no idea why this has happened. Can anyone shed any light?


John Muccigrosso said...

Totally depends on the guys running the web server. the www. prefix is a typical, though not necessary, prefix to indicate the kind of service being run on the machine. Back when it was often different machines that ran different services, that was more useful. Now that one machine will run many many services (like email, newsfeeds, etc), it's used less often.

The www version still works, btw.

Jo Berry said...

Thanks, John. Yes, both are working now, but earlier today the www. version wasn't. I had this email from David Emery, which helps to explain what happened!

'Blogspot apparently changed its DNS approach. DNS (Domain Name Service) is the system that basically provides the 'big online phone book' for the Internet, it maps URL names to actual IP addresses. (The analogy with a phone book works, as beneath the covers it's the IP address, analogous to your phone number, that computers actually use to find each other.)

Blogspot seems to be now consistently applying their naming rules; the other blogs I know are all "" rather than "" Now I think blogspot should configure their DNS so that "" points to "", so both names produce the same IP address (and lead you to the same blogging page.) .

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