Wednesday 14 May 2014

Pompeii's management plan

Finally available to the public, you can now download the management plan for Pompeii that was recently submitted to UNESCO by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Conference in Paris: Sur les seuils de l’antiquité... Du seuil au linteau, dispositifs techniques et transformations des portes antiques

On June, 2, a conference to be held in Paris about thresholds and doors. Among other Mediterranean-wide papers, E. Proudfoot: « Modularity and convention in the design and installation of doorsills at Pompeii ».

Programme available there or there (on Academia, log in needed).

Éloïse Letellier (Eloise.Letellier [at]
Sandra Zanella (Sandra.Zanella [at]

Conference in Rome: The Roman Courtesan. Archaeological reflections of a literary topos

On May, 30, a conference to be held in Rome (Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Villa Lante), about Ancient prostitution.
Among other papers:

A. Varone : “Pupa, puella, domina – tracce di cortigiane nella documentazione pompeiana”
L. Jacobelli : “Scene di banchetto con presenze femminili nelle case di Pompei: alcune considerazioni ” 
R. Neudecker: “The most beautiful girls of Pompeii - hetairai?” 
Ria Berg: “Cercando la casa di una cortigiana a Pompei. I reperti materiali quali segno di attività di prostituzione?”

Programme available there.

Contact: Ria Berg (berg [at]

Friday 9 May 2014

Pompeii: The Present and Future of Vesuvian Research

Just in case anyone missed any of the individual links (and for added convenience), I've now put all of the papers from the research seminar series held in the Department of Classics at the University of Leeds into one handy post, available here. Please feel free to use in teaching or distribute as you wish.

Monday 5 May 2014

Pompeii Research Seminar Series 6: Dr. Virginia L. Campbell

Last week, I gave the final lecture in the seminar series held at the University of Leeds on Pompeii: The Present and Future of Vesuvian Research with a paper entitled 'Sex degrees of Separation.' This is the first presentation of my work on the Leverhulme funded project on SNA in Pompeii. The video can be viewed here.

Saturday 3 May 2014

Digitized Pompeian photos at Strasbourg University

A site with ancient pictures of Pompeii casually encountered.
The University of Strasbourg bought the collection of pictures gathered by Adolf Michaelis (1835-1910, first director of the Institute of Classical Archaeology [Kunstarchäologisches Institut]) when he died.
Among many others, some 117 pictures of Pompeii have been recently digitized.

More general info there (in French).
Contact for use: scd-bibnum [at]
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