Friday 14 May 2010

Events at the Western Australian Museum

Details of lectures to be held at the Western Australian Museum for the 'A Day in Pompeii' exhibition (follow the link for further information and booking):

Professor David Kennedy's Roman Archaeology Group will host three talks at a free lecture program on 28 August in the UWA Social Sciences lecture theatre:
  • Associate Lecturer Nathan Leber will explore Pompeii's historically informative and notoriously explicit graffiti.
  • Professor David Kennedy will peer beneath the surface - drains, sewers and public toilets.
  • Assistant Professor Glenys Wootton will discuss the wall paintings of Pompeii including those in the Room of the Initiation from the Villa of the Mysteries.
Assistant Professor Wootton will also provide an insight into the life of a gladiator in her talk on 11 June at the State Library Theatre entitled"Celadus ... adored by the girls!":  Gladiators in Pompeii.

Winthrop Professor John Melville-Jones was part of an Australian team of archaeologists granted permission to investigate one of the biggest houses in Pompeii called the House of the Coloured Capitals.  In his lecture on 18 June at the State Library Theatre, Winthrop Professor Melville-Jones will present the evidence of life uncovered at this house of two storeys, with some 60 rooms, housing an extended family and many slaves.

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