Monday 7 June 2010

Friendly Pompei with Pompei and Vesuvius exhibition

Our man in Pompei, Rick B, reports that "Friendly Pompei" is open for business. The Via di Castricio is now opened from the House of the Ship Europa all the way through to the Vicolo dei Menandro. The House of Menander is also open without a booking being needed. Other newly opened houses include Casca Longus and Julius Polybius.

Separately the House of Sallust near the Herculaneum Gate also appears to be open again.

Outside the exit at the amphitheatre, there is an exhibition "Pompei and Vesuvius" which includes exhibits of old documents and photos which is apparently quite impressive .

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures


Massimo Betello said...

I hope that the open houses have a good number of custodi controlling the tourists. Other wise it is going to be end in a plundering...

Rick Bauer said...

Hi everyone,

I have walked the "friendly pompeii" circuit many times now since it opened.

The tour route is well marked, and there are a number of informative signs posted along the route. The renovations are excellent. Each of the listed buildings appear to have at least one security / custodian present at all times. Mobility-challenged guests have a special entrance ramp available for their use at the Ampitheater Entrance.

Since the program started, I have seen quite a few disabled guests take advantage of the new tour route, which is specially designed to help them and their families see Pompeii.

All the best from bella Napoli,


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