Monday 11 April 2011

Padiglione's model of the Theatre of Herculaneum

According to a Facebook source (which I hope is true, but I don't know for sure), the wood and cork model of the Theatre of Herculaneum, made in 1808 by Domenico Padiglione, has gone on display in the new ticket office of Herculaneum. Previously this was in the entrance to the Theatre itself - so virtually no-one got to see it.

The model can be viewed from 8.30 to 19.30 each day. I have no idea if this is a permanent or temporary exhibition. Does anyone have any more details?


Christian Biggi said...
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Sarah said...

If I'd have been on site, I'd have posted to say it was in place - sorry!
This should be a permanent exhibition of the theatre model until the site museum opens (!!) We've added an explanatory panel in Italian and English - I'll dig out my English translation and post it.

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