Thursday 5 May 2011

Lecture: Pompeii in the 21st Century

So, Eric Poehler gave a lecture on 'Pompeii in the 21st century' at the University of North Dakota last night - and forgot to tell us about it! But not to worry, there is a link to a recorded version here. (Sorry, Eric!)


Drew Baker said...

Bad Eric! Not that I could have gone, thank the gods for the the internet :}


Eric Poehler said...

I suppose apologies are in order for not making the announcement myself, but perhaps I can be forgiven for masking my anxiety with modesty. There is a section at the end where the websites I am visiting do not appear. These will be available soon on the (revised version) of as well as a new website I am building for the Pompeii Bibliographic Project, supported by the UMass Digital Humanities Inititative.

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