Friday 18 November 2011

pompeiiinpictures users cannot see pictures

Internet Explorer 8 or 9 pompeiiinpictures users please use our new duplicate site

Regrettably because of the forced changes yesterday (17th Nov) we have discovered a problem on the new pompeiiinpictures sites if you use Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and 9. Pictures do not display and all you see are lines of text.

The latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE7 and earlier versions all work.

IE8 and 9 do not unfortunately.

The problem seems to be related to the use of dynamic web templates for the menus and its impact on the multiple pictures which are on most of our 4,500 pages. Plans with one picture seem to work. This incompatibility is unexpectedly frustrating as we use Microsoft products throughout. We are working to find a solution. Help!

Until we can find a solution please use our new duplicate site We have automatically diverted the .com versions to the duplicate site which is still working and in the old Frontpage format. The .eu and .net sites may take a week or more to divert we are told.

Our apologies and all the best

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures

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