Friday 25 May 2012

News articles: Asbestos in Pompeii

Back in March there were claims that asbestos had been deliberately buried under lapilli at Pompeii. The asbestos issue is now back in the news. The police are investigating claims that employees working in the pre-fabricated offices of the Soprintendenza were exposed to asbestos. The Soprintendente has denied that the health of any employees were put at risk.

Amianto negli Scavi di Pompei. Indagata la soprintendente

Amianto nell'area archeologica di Pompei, avviso di garanzia per il Soprintendente

Pompei: Uilbac, Mibac dia risposte certe su presenza amianto

Pompei: Villari, nessuna sorpresa per avviso di garanzia a soprintendente

Pompei: De Feo, procedere con trasferimento dipendenti soprintendenza

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