Thursday 19 July 2012

Photographic images of the Sarno Baths 8.2.17-23 and the so-called 'toll station' 8.1.4

Would anyone be kind enough to share their photographic images of the properties at 8.1.4 (the so-called 'toll station' within the Porta Marina) and/or the Sarno Baths at 8.2.17-23?

Over the past few years, although I received SANP permissions, I was unable to access these two properties due to the continued stabilisation work at 8.2.17-23 and the rebuilding of the Villa Imperiale. I would very much like to include them in my research on the properties of Region 8, but as I wrap up my work I find it difficult to draw definite conclusions from my research perspective due to a lack of visual information. I am specifically looking for images inside both of these properties that you may have taken within the last 30 years.

Of course, I would be very happy to include the appropriate citations of any images shared with me for my research study purposes. I am contactable at sera baker at hotmail dot com (all one word) and I have access to a Dropbox account if that would make it easier.

Many thanks! Sera


Drew Baker said...

Hi Sera, I have a number of images for VIII.2.23 from my 2007 campaign which I’m happy to share. What were you looking for spesificaly on VIII .1.4, I have a good selection of historic pictures of the antiquarium/Porta Marina if that would help at all. Best wishes Drew

Sera Baker said...

Thank you, Drew! It's much appreciated!

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